Dick Blick Home Shopping: Shop Online with Dick Blick Artist Supplies for Discount Artist Supplies

Dick Blick Home Shopping: Shop Online with Dick Blick Artist Supplies for Discount Artist Supplies

Dick Blick Online Store: With Dick Blick Online You'll Get The Best Selection of Dick Blick Electronics & Gadgets and The Best Prices!

Dick Blick Home Shopping: Shop Online with Dick Blick Artist Supplies for Discount Artist Supplies

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Today, nearly 100 years after it was founded, Dick Blick remains the premier art supplies source for professional artists, students and teachers, and continues to be a family-owned business. With the acquisition of The Art Store chain, Dick Blick now operates more than 30 stores nationwide.

At Dick Blick you'll find everything you need for any art project ~ from cork and foam core to crayons, acetate, ceramics, balsa wood, frames, drawing materials from Staedtler, electronic easels, and thousands upon thousands of all manner of other art materials too. Also, at the Dick Blick website, you'll find Dick Blick Gift Certificates, which are available in denominations from $5.00 and up, and can be used to purchase from Dick Blick catalogs as well as from Dick Blick Internet site.

Dick Blick Home Shopping: Shop Online with Dick Blick Artist Supplies for Quality Artist Supplies

Dick Blick annual Artist Supplies Catalog offers hundreds of full-color pages of resources for art educators, student and beginner alike, including Dick Blick paints, brushes, canvas, papers, mediums, frames, airbrushes, screen printing and sign painting supplies, woodworking, sculpture, ceramics, crafts, decorative painting, and much more. Dick Blick has books and videos on every art technique, plus easels and art furniture to equip your classroom or studio. It's all at Dick Blick!

Also at Dick Blick you'll find the The Dick Blick Studio Sale Flyer. Published throughout the year, The Dick Blick Studio Sale Flyer is a supplemental fine arts sale catalog that offers full-color pages, including all of your favorite paints, pastels, fine papers, canvases, and brushes, as well as supplies for picture framing and matting. Great savings on easels, art furniture, and projectors, too. [ Source: www.dickblick.com ]

Dick Blick Online Store

Home Request Catalog Store Locator Contact Us NEW! WishList Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens Pigmented India Ink in four nib sizes and 24 colors brings great versatility to pen-and-ink drawings requiring lots of intricate details. There’s lots of convenience, too. ( enlarge ) The Superfine, Fine, Medium, and Brush nibs not only replace ink bottles — they’re instantly available for work. The ink is waterproof, unsurpassably lightfast, acid-free, and pH-neutral. These disposable pens have prominent nib-type markings. They're available individually, and in a variety of sets. Brush Tip ( enlarge ) Brush Tip Sets — The Brush Tip combines the advantages of a brush and a drawing pen. It retains its shape, making it suitable for use by fine artists, graphic artists, designers, illustrators, and architects. Each Brush Tip Set offers six selected colors or shades of gray. Basic Colors ( enlarge | list ) Shades of Gray ( enlarge | list ) Landscape Colors ( enlarge | list ) Terra Colors ( enlarge | list ) ® Faber-Castell is a registered trademark. Drawing and Illustration > Markers Drawing and Illustration > Pens ENTER A QUANTITY FOR EACH ITEM, THEN CLICK THE 'ADD ITEMS TO CART' BUTTON. Item Description Color Style MSRP Price Qty 20759-8913 Pitt Artist Pen Walnut Brown Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-8524 Pitt Artist Pens, Set of 4 Sanguine One of Each Nib $8.75 $5.49 20759-8523 Pitt Artist Pen Sanguine Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-8522 Pitt Artist Pen Sanguine Medium Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-8521 Pitt Artist Pen Sanguine Fine Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-8520 Pitt Artist Pen Sanguine Superfine Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-8353 Pitt Artist Pen Cinnamon Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-8084 Pitt Artist Pens, Set of 4 Sepia One of Each Nib $8.75 $5.49 20759-8083 Pitt Artist Pen Sepia Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-8082 Pitt Artist Pen Sepia Medium Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-8081 Pitt Artist Pen Sepia Fine Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-8080 Pitt Artist Pen Sepia Superfine Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-8053 Pitt Artist Pen Burnt Umber Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-7333 Pitt Artist Pen May Green Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-7293 Pitt Artist Pen Chrome Oxide Green Fiery Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-7213 Pitt Artist Pen Green Gold Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-7073 Pitt Artist Pen Green Olive Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-6653 Pitt Artist Pen Caput Mortuum Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-6623 Pitt Artist Pen Manganese Violet Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-5913 Pitt Artist Pen Smalt Blue Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-5343 Pitt Artist Pen Indianthrene Blue Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-5163 Pitt Artist Pen Phtalo Blue Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-4523 Pitt Artist Pen Dark Naples Yellow Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-4203 Pitt Artist Pen Cadmium Yellow Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-4153 Pitt Artist Pen Dark Chrome Yellow Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-3763 Pitt Artist Pen Terracotta Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-3253 Pitt Artist Pen Indian Red Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-3069 Pitt Artist Pens, Set of 6 Terra Colors Brush Nib $12.95 $9.09 20759-3063 Pitt Artist Pen Pink Carmine Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-2853 Pitt Artist Pen Cold Gray VI Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-2843 Pitt Artist Pen Cold Gray IV Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-2833 Pitt Artist Pen Cold Gray III Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-2323 Pitt Artist Pen Warm Gray VI Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-2313 Pitt Artist Pen Warm Gray IV Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-2303 Pitt Artist Pen Warm Gray III Brush Nib $2.20 $1.49 20759-2069 Pitt Artist Pens, Set of 6 Landscape Colors Brush Nib $12.95 $9.09 20759-2024 Pitt Artist Pens, Set of 4 Black One of Each Nib $8.75 $5.49 20759-2023 Pitt Artist Pen Black Brush Nib $2.20 $1.39 20759-2022 Pitt Artist Pen Black Medium Nib $2.20 $1.39 20759-2021 Pitt Artist Pen Black Fine Nib $2.20 $1.39 20759-2020 Pitt Artist Pen Black Superfine Nib $2.20 $1.39 20759-1069 Pitt Artist Pens, Set of 6 Shades of Gray Brush Nib $12.95 $9.09 20759-0069 Pitt Artist Pens, Set of 6 Basic Colors Brush Nib $12.95 $9.09 FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THESE SHIPPING AND FREIGHT EXCEPTIONS, CLICK HERE . 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